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Hang With the Cast of Grimm on Set and Be Made into a Wesen

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Heather C.

Glendora, CA


March 14, 2016

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What you'll do

When you arrive in Portland, prepare to be transformed. You and a guest will go behind the scenes on the set of Grimm to see where all the action happens. Well, the the action that doesn't involve running through the woods. You'll meet the Grimm cast, take pictures together and share a delicious meal.  Not only will you go behind the scenes, but you’ll also experience the world of Grimm firsthand like you’re part of the cast. Best of all, Grimm's very own makeup and effects team is going to completely transform you into a customized, never-before-seen Wesen!  It’ll be so good, you might jump when you see yourself in the mirror.

Who you'll help

The Grimmster Endowment was founded by Sasha Roiz and the cast of Grimm to help OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital patients and families cover uncompensated costs associated with getting care, including travel, lodging and related services. Doernbecher provides the region’s widest range of children’s health care services and is the primary center for OHSU pediatric programs. This campaign benefits the Grimmster Endowment at the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation.