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Find a once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes you so excited, you’ll want to lay an egg or sell your soul… like these friends of ours.

I would lay an egg if I won this. – Bonita Ringuette, Star Trek Experience

Do you take souls as payment? I was going to sell mine for concert tickets but this is way better. – Taylor Russell, James Bond Experience

Just entered to win. May pee my pants if I win, or pass out. – Debbie Thomson, Star Wars Experience



Donate as little as $10 for the chance to experience something extraordinary, and join the Omaze community. Together, we can create so much more impact and awareness for charities around the world.



Your donation makes a difference for an amazing cause, and that’s an incredible feeling (win!). One person is picked at random to live the dream (win!). The charity gets support from a brand new network of people, allowing them to continue their life-changing work (the biggest win of all!).

where does the money go?

where does the money go?

Every ounce of our passion and creativity is supercharged toward supporting nonprofits so they can make the most impact. Our for-profit model means Omaze receives 20% of net funds, which enables us to build our community and bring you these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.