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Visit the Set of Veep as a VIP

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Mark M.

Brambleton, VA


February 8, 2017

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What you'll do

Allow us to put on our running shoes and get to the point: you and a guest are going to join Timothy Simons, Matt Walsh and Sam Richardson on the set of Veep for the most presidential day of your life. Period. Exclamation point. Not only are these three top-notch gentleman going to join your cabinet as on-set advisors for the day, you’re also going to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of an episode, meet some of the cast and take photos on the set to prove the whole thing happened (you know, in case the press tries to deny your legitimacy). You’ll be inverse frowning all day, guaranteed. Flights and 4-star hotel included.


Who you'll help

Children’s Community School is a progressive school dedicated to teaching children to think for themselves, collaborate successfully with others, and take responsibility for their own education in a safe and loving environment. CCS embraces the principles of diversity, self-determination and participation in democracy. We foster critical thinking, and compassion and respect for self, others and the world.

The Los Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA) is a fully-public school fostering a rich academic and artistic community inspiring our students to be independent, cooperative young adults who meet challenges. Through the performing and technical theatre arts, LAHSA students become active and articulate leaders in the personal and professional lives.