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Go to the Tully Premiere and Official After-Party in LA

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Raymond T.

Tallahassee, FL


April 19, 2018

What you'll do

Movie powerhouses Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody are back for another beautifully honest take on womanhood—Tully—and you’re going to see it before anyone else! You and your best bud (maybe your night nanny?) are off to LA to hit up the premiere of this sure-to-be quippy, definitely awesome film. But the fun doesn’t stop there! After the premiere, you’ll head to the official after-party to live it up and celebrate the incredible movie you just watched. Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

Founded by the Academy Award-winning actor and UN Messenger of Peace, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project’s (CTAOP) mission is to invest in African youth to keep themselves safe from HIV/AIDS. Primarily focusing on Charlize’s home country of South Africa, which has the largest HIV-positive population in the world, the Project supports community-engaged organizations that use innovative and community-specific programming to work with youth between the ages of 10-20 years old. These organizations provide critical resources like access to youth-friendly health care, sexual and reproductive health education, life skills, and psychosocial support—all of which empower young people to keep themselves and their peers HIV-free. Donations will be distributed through Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAFA), a 501(c)(3) public charity.