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Connect with Spirit through Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

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Danielle W.

Las Vegas, NV


What you'll do

We hope you’re ready for a medium experience. And by medium, we mean HUGE because Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is giving you and a friend each a private reading. (You don’t need heightened senses to know how hard that’d be to book.) Theresa will connect with Spirit and provide the comfort, closure and relief that can come from speaking to loved ones on the other side. And if things get heavy, take a deep breath and enjoy some traditional Long Island pampering… at a hair and nail salon. That’s right! You’ll also join Theresa at her favorite salon and chat about whatever you’d like—extra long nails and lots of hairspray are optional. Your flights and hotel are on us.

Who you'll help

SAFE4Kids works to protect the six million children in the US with life-threatening food allergies by providing food allergy and anaphylaxis education and training for schools, childcare providers, recreational facilities and families. Their main goal is to help every child feel safe and know that those taking care of them understand how to prevent, recognize and react to food allergy emergencies. Your donation will them help create additional educational videos and training materials and provide advocacy, support and information on treatment options for the families affected.