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Sing a Duet on Stage with Shania Twain


  • See Shania Twain in concert and sing a duet with her on stage (the duet’s only for the winner, sorry friend!)
  • Go backstage for a tour and take in the show from VIP seats
  • Get flown out and put up in a sweet hotel
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What you'll do

Shania Twain. Pop fans love her. Country fans loves her. We love her. And you’re the lucky one that gets to see her when you’re flown out to a stop on her tour for what’s sure to be the concert experience of a lifetime. You and a friend (hopefully one that dances with the one that brought them) will get a backstage tour and VIP seats to watch the superstar put on the kind of amazing live show she’s known for. That don’t impress you much? Well get ready, because you (and just you!) are also going to join Shania ON STAGE to sing a duet with her during the concert! It’s no coincidence that Shania’s latest album is called NOW, because now’s your time to shine. Flights and hotel included.

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Who you'll help

After growing up in poverty and isolation, Shania Twain created her own nonprofit to address the needs of primary school children who are typically overlooked by social assistance programs. Working with individual school boards, Shania Kids Can creates a safe and discrete space at school where kids can go to receive the essentials they need. Lovingly referred to as “SKC Clubhouses,” these designated classrooms are managed by professional staff who are dedicated to providing educational, nutritional, therapeutic and extra-curricular support. They can also receive field trip expenses, basic hygiene tools, school supplies and clothing items in confidence. Further help can be found at SKC’s after-school program which includes other key support elements such as musical, writing and artistic development, practical life skills, vocational training and assistance from a therapist. In the words of Shania, “By supporting these children at a primary age, by teaching them to become responsible, confident, proactive members of their school community, they will have a much better chance at personal success in the future. These children will grow to be adults who are in a better place and position to contribute positively to society.”