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Spend the Day with Sarah McLachlan at Her Home Studio

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Seth C.

Boston, MA


What you'll do

You’re in the arms of the angel… and that angel is Sarah McLachlan. And she’s welcoming you into her beautiful home in Vancouver! You and a friend will get to know the Grammy Award®-winning artist over lunch, where you’ll talk about anything and everything: life, love, music, animals. What happens next is up to you! You could write and record a song together, or just watch Sarah do her thing in the studio. You could have a heart-to-heart on the beach, or take Sarah’s adorable dog for a walk. However you spend your day together, you’re not building a mystery: It’s going to be awesome. Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

Sarah McLachlan believes music education should be a priority, not a privilege. The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides top quality music instruction at no cost for over 1,000 at-risk and underserved kids in Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton. They teach music, but also life skills like creativity, problem-solving, self-discipline and critical thinking. Sarah covers 100% of the administrative costs through her foundation, so your donation will go directly to the students’ education (including lessons and materials, instruments, healthy snacks and transportation).