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Join Samantha Bee for Margaritas and Lunch

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Jonathan W.

West Windsor, NJ


What you'll do

Ready to sit front and center at a taping of Full Frontal? Great, because Samantha Bee is standing by with lunch, margaritas and a team of blazer experts just for you. You and a friend are headed to New York City for some quality time with Samantha Bee. You’ll join her at the studio to feast on a delicious lunch, sip stiff drinks, casually chat about the current state of affairs, and get VIP seats to a taping of Full Frontal! You’ll even get a wardrobe tour and blazer consultation with Full Frontal’s costume designers. When all is said and done, you’ll go home with one of Sam’s blazers and a bunch of awesome memories, all while supporting a great cause. (Please note: If you don’t drink or are under 21, non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.) Flights and hotel are included, too! 

Who you'll help

Distributing Dignity provides NEW bras and monthly feminine hygiene supplies (pads, tampons, liners) to women in need across the United States. They partner with shelters and other organizations serving women who are in and aging out of foster care, seeking refuge from domestic violence, homeless veterans, teens and mothers, and those fighting a life-altering illness. Their outreach spans thousands of women in 52 cities across 70 different partner shelters/organizations. Supporting Distributing Dignity restores women in transition with their dignity and helps teen girls who are missing school once a month because they don’t have supplies. In other words, Distributing Dignity lifts up women in need.