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Mart V.

Utrecht, Netherlands


July 7, 2017

What you'll do

It’s that time of year again—RTX time! It’s where gaming meets the internet, and guess who this year’s VIP is? YOU. You and a friend are heading to Austin, where you’ll score (sold-out!) VIP passes. Your platinum, premium, super elite VIP status (they invented this esteemed position just for you) will get you priority access to three days of panels, screenings, exhibitors and more. But that’s not all. You’ll also sit down to an exclusive lunch with select RT staff and talent, where you’ll get to know each other, ask your burning questions, and maybe even hear some insider info on that Rooster Teeth life. The hype is real! See for yourself. Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

Founded in 2007, GameChanger Charity was started by Jim Carol after witnessing the impact video games had on his son Taylor during a 5-year battle with leukemia. GameChanger’s mission is to leverage technology and innovation to ease the pain and suffering of children facing life-threatening illnesses. GameChanger focuses on improving quality of life by delivering meaningful services directly to patients and staff in hospitals, awarding financial aid and college scholarships, gifting thoughtful packages of video games and toys, and hosting unique gaming events for patients, like Gamers Give Back Days. Powered by the generosity of people like you, GameChanger processes over 100 tons of donated goods annually, hosts online gaming events with celebrities, launches custom digital eCommerce campaigns and has brightened the lives of over 20,000 patients, family members and caregivers.