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Hang Out with Ringo Starr at his Star-Studded Birthday Brunch

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What you'll do

Every year since 2008, Ringo Starr has asked friends and fans around the world for one simple birthday wish: peace and love. At noon on July 7, no matter where you are, Ringo wants everyone to hold up a peace sign and say, “peace and love.” But this year will be a little different… for YOU. You and a friend are flying to Los Angeles to join Ringo for the celebration in person! You’ll hang with Ringo and his friends, many of whom happen to be some of the most legendary music icons ever, and celebrate Ringo’s 77th year with a brunch. And since we’re counting on a birthday toast, we have a feeling you’ll be saying, “Peace, love and CHEERS!” Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

The David Lynch Foundation (DLF) targets the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among under-resourced populations through the implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique. DLF has served more than 500,000 children and adults worldwide, with a focus on urban youth in underserved schools, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and their families, and women and children who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. DLF also works with the homeless, prison populations, people living with HIV/AIDS and others.