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Meet George Clooney and Get Complimented by Him for 45 seconds

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Michael M.

Mesa, AZ


July 28, 2016

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What you'll do

George Clooney has filled many breathtaking roles, but nothing like the one he's going to fill in your life. He's going above and beyond to give you the most specialized, personalized experience possible: complimenting you. Not just once, twice, but for—specifically—45 seconds straight. Nothing but you, George, and 45 intoxicating seconds of unwavering eye contact and perfectly chosen words. And, after those 45 magical seconds of bliss are up, champagne flutes will be waiting for you both to toast, to you of course. Because you are the most beautiful, smart, adventurous, stylish, kind person in the world and George wants to tell you about it.

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