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Win the Gucci Dress That Rachel Bloom Wore to the 2017 Emmy Awards

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Did you tune in for the Emmys this year, see Rachel Bloom’s black Gucci dress and think to yourself, “I wish I owned a dress like that!” Well, you can! The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star wants you to own the actual designer dress that she rocked on the red carpet. Whether you want to cue up the “Sexy Getting Ready Song” and wear the dress yourself, or hang it in your closet as a reminder that you’re a good, such a good, real good person, it’s up to you! And no need to fly all the way to West Covina, we’ll bring this exclusive piece of television history right to your doorstep.

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The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company has been transforming communities for over two decades. Their theatre-arts programs are designed to empower incarcerated youth and students at underserved public schools with lifelong skills that can open doors to new possibilities. The benefits of the programs go beyond the reach of a typical arts education workshop to help kids discover their own power to write new storylines for their lives. Your donation will help The Unusual Suspects provide underserved youth with access to enriching arts education—regardless of income, race, gender, ability or disability. In public schools and juvenile detention centers, their playwriting and performance workshops offer a physically and emotionally safe space where kids are encouraged to discover their creative voice, develop self-respect and explore non-violent solutions to conflict to help prepare them for successful engagement in education, work and their community.