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Cruise to the Bahamas with the Scott Brothers & Score a Virtual Home Makeover

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What you'll do

When Drew and Jonathan Scott saw that you had an island on your home makeover wishlist, they took it literally. And now they’re bringing you on an incredible trip to the Bahamas! You and a friend will join the Scott brothers on their Sailing With The Scotts cruise from Miami to the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. You’ll enjoy design workshops, themed parties and delicious food—plus, the chance to explore beautiful CocoCay and Nassau with Jonathan and Drew. But back to your wishlist… the brothers will also walk you through a virtual makeover of your home and send you some gorgeous Scott Living Home furniture to bring it all together. From the open seas to an open concept layout, it’s going to be a dream come true. Flights and accommodations included.

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WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Your donation will support the WE Schools program, which aims to empower over 100,000 students, including underserved youth, to engage in service. Students will receive the inspiration, mentorship, educational resources, tools and support they need to create impact for a cause of their choice. As a result, these incredibly deserving kids will contribute to their local communities, develop important life skills and become the change-makers of their generation.