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Randi C.

Canal Fulton, OH


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Patrick Dempsey is a man of many talents: He’s an actor, a race car driver, a cyclist and an advocate for cancer research, among other things. He’s also an amazing lunch date. Seriously—he makes good eye contact, he laughs easily at jokes even when they fall flat, and he’ll discreetly tell you there’s something in your teeth without making you feel weird about it. One thing Patrick isn’t great at? Cooking. That’s why, when you and a friend head out to LA for lunch with him, he’s taking you out to one of his favorite restaurants. Get ready for delicious food, enchanting conversation and enough selfies to make your friends back home jealous and put your social media on another level. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we advise you to steer clear of apples. Flights and hotel included.

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In 2005, Amgen founded Breakaway from Cancer® out of the belief that it takes a team to beat cancer. The nationwide initiative aims to increase awareness of the important resources available to people affected by cancer—from prevention through survivorship. Breakaway from Cancer is a collaboration between Amgen and four independent nonprofit organizations that play leading roles in several aspects of cancer care, complementing the services provided by healthcare professionals. The independent nonprofit organizations offer services including advice from cancer survivors, links to research and clinical trials, information on cancer prevention, cancer education, emotional support, help with financial issues, and access to care.