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Join Kristen Bell in Los Angeles for Shopping, Singing & Selfies

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Miranda B.

Manitowoc, WI


What you'll do

You’re joining supermom/super-talented actress Kristen Bell for the ultimate back-to-school shopping spree! You and a guest will be flown out to LA, where you’ll meet Kristen at her real-life Good Place: Old Navy. Kristen will help you pick out some head-turning outfits, snap some awesome selfies and chat with you about anything and everything (but probably sloths). And since this is Kristen we’re talking about, she’s also going to lead you in an impromptu sing-along right in the store. Flights, hotel, $1,000 gift card for you and a $250 gift card for your guest are all included.

Who you'll help

Old Navy’s ONward! platform empowers the next generation with the real-world skills, training and jobs to make a difference in our communities and blaze a path forward to a brighter future. Their partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs focuses on programs and activities that promote service to community, leadership, workforce training and first job opportunities in meaningful and fun ways for thousands of youth across the country.