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Run the Philly Special with Nick Foles

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What you'll do

Nick Foles can throw, he can catch and now he’s going to show you the time of your life! We’ve got two words for you: Philly Philly. You and a friend are joining Nick to recreate the gutsiest play in championship history, the Philly Special. You’ll tour the Eagles practice facilities, hang with Nick and grab a photo together, then run the trick play that made him a legend. But that TD won’t be the only thing you’ll score: Nick’s also giving you two VIP tickets to an Eagles home game. Fly, Eagles, fly! Flights and hotel included.


Who you'll help

Founded by patients, caregivers and physicians, Dysautonomia International is an incredible nonprofit that advocates for over 70 million people worldwide who live with autonomic nervous system disorders. As the world's largest private source of funding for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) research, Dysautonomia International relies on the generosity of people like you to support its groundbreaking research program. By contributing to Dysautonomia International, you’ll help pave the way for better treatments, and eventually a cure, for POTS. Your donation will also give hope to millions currently struggling with this complex and often debilitating neurological disorder.