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Experience the Luxurious Charm of Nice, France

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The French Riviera has been a home-away-from-home to celebrities, jetsetters, royal families… and now YOU. Grab a friend, your favorite pair of sunglasses and a sense of adventure, because you’re being whisked away to sun-soaked Nice, France for the trip of a lifetime. Stroll through the bustling Cours Saleya market for some shopping and people-watching. Settle into a seaside café to enjoy Nice’s famous socca (a delicious pancake!) or a crisp glass of wine. Feeling spontaneous? Take a day trip to experience all the glitz, glamour and gambling of nearby Monaco. Whatever you choose to do, it’s guaranteed to be more than nice. Flights, hotel and $1,000 travel stipend are on us!

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When you support this campaign, you’ll help transform the lives of people in Nigeria. Donations will be distributed through Charities Aid Foundation of America [a 501(c)(3) public charity] to a cause working to empower Nigerians through education and healthcare. Your generosity will help provide healthcare and surgeries to those in need, oversee maternal and infant health programs, and provide life-changing scholarships to Nigeria’s leaders of tomorrow.