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Join forces with Stephen Colbert & J.J. Abrams for the nerdiest weekend of your life

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Joseph D.

Churchville, PA


November 20, 2015

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What you'll do

Stephen Colbert. J.J. Abrams. An evening of discussion and laughs. This night is chock-full of what nerd dreams are made of. And you can experience it in all its glory. Attend this celebrity nerd-off/gala as Stephen and J.J.’s personal guest. That means meeting them backstage in their green room, attending a VIP reception, joining them onstage to ask a question during their nerd-off, and perhaps even being their tie-breaker in one of the great debates of nerd-dom (eg. Gandalf or Dumbledore?). You’ll get to bring a friend along, so you’ll have someone to geek out with, and you're getting two tickets to a live taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at the historic Ed Sullivan Theater. Best weekend ever? We think so.

Who you'll help

The Montclair Film Festival offers world-class film education programs to students of all backgrounds. At a time when media literacy is vital to engaging with our world as good citizens, these programs give young people the tools to understand and create stories about their lives, communities, and exciting new ideas. The Montclair Film Festival’s education programs are free for students and families, ensuring everyone gets a chance to tell their story. Programs include filmmaking workshops, emerging filmmakers competition, a mentorship program, and many more.