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Experience Mick Fanning’s Final Surf Competition as His VIP

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Julia B.

London, England


March 31, 2018

What you'll do

Mick Fanning is a three-time ASP World Champion, has survived an encounter with a great white shark and won numerous WSL World Tours. While his epic surfing career is coming to a close, you’ll be his personal guest at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach to watch it all go down. That’s right, you and a friend will join the surfing legend himself in Australia to hang and grab drinks on the beach, swap stories (you know he has some good ones), and even catch a few waves. Not a pro? No worries, he also makes a great teacher. And this is just the beginning for you. You’ll also be an official VIP, which means getting a tour of the world-renowned surfing site and exclusive access to the Partners Tent. To make sure you have the full Bells Beach experience, you’ll also get tickets to The Drop music festival and a $500 shopping spree to the Rip Curl Torquay store. Flights and hotel are on us.

Who you'll help

WildArk is on a mission to save the world's wild places and inspire people to protect them. They've partnered with us on this campaign to support charities conducting research, education and wildlife protection activities, so that everyone may continue to enjoy the amazing biodiversity that our planet has to offer for generations to come.