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How is Maná celebrating Mexican Independence Day Weekend this year? They’re singing a special song to their favorite fan: YOU. The legendary rock band has only two arena concerts in the US this year, and you’ll be there, taking it all in from the best seats in the house. You know Maná will put on a show for the ages, so soak up the energy, feel the vibes and rock out hard. But before you explode, the lights will dim, the pace will slow, and the guys will draw you in with an acoustic set so sweet, you’ll feel like they’re singing just to you. And they will be! Yes, you’ll join Maná on stage during their acoustic set and they’ll perform your favorite song directly to you in front of everyone. It’s so intimate, the stage isn’t even big enough to fit your friend—so that part’s just for you (they’ll understand). Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

Maná created the Selva Negra Ecological Foundation—a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the environment and community development. It’s based on a central concept of environmental education, as that’s the first step towards changing habits and making sustainable choices. Maná and the Selva Negra Ecological Foundation believe that environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility, and their projects focus not only on species preservation and environmental conservation—they also incorporate social development and promote the progress of the people and their communities, which are an integral part of our environment as a whole.