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Spend a Day at the WSL Surf Ranch with Kelly Slater and Ride His Man-Made Wave

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The perfect wave. Every surfer chases it. Kelly Slater, like a surfing mad scientist, MADE it. And now you’ll experience the much-hyped, man-made wave for yourself. Forget Hawaii. Forget Fiji. You and a friend are being flown out to the super secretive WSL Surf Ranch in central California for the surfing getaway of a lifetime, located hours from the nearest beach! That’s right, you’re going to surf the wave that, until now, has only been ridden by the sport’s most elite athletes and Kelly’s friends and family. And not to worry, weekend warriors—the wave’s power can be adjusted to your skill level. Just throw in some surf coaching from Kelly, amazing footage of your waves and a BBQ dinner at the Ranch, and we’d call that a pretty swell day. Flights, ground transportation and hotel are included.

Who you'll help

For nearly 40 years, Americares has responded to people in crisis with life-changing health programs, medicine and medical supplies. Americares relief workers are actively responding simultaneously to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, meeting the urgent health needs of survivors.

Americares emergency response teams are working in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, coordinating shipments of essential medicines and medical supplies like tetanus, antibiotics, chronic disease medications and intravenous fluids to local health centers and hospitals; ensuring affected families have access to care and establishing mental health and psychosocial programming for long-term recovery of survivors.

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Americares has teamed up with us to raise funds for the critical medicine and relief supplies needed by those whose lives have been upended by these historic, horrific storms. Your support will help restore health services for survivors in impacted communities.