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Go-Kart with Kasey Kahne

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Amy N.

Cedar Springs, MI


November 14, 2015

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What you'll do

What’s up guys, Kasey Kahne here, and I’m challenging you to a go-kart race to help raise money for a great cause. That’s right, you and me in a race of epic proportions. After we battle it out on the kart track, you’ve got VIP access to watch my next race: the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Phoenix International Speedway. And, before you take a seat, I want you to ride shotgun in my truck for the intro lap. Flights and hotel? I’ve got those covered, too. See you in Phoenix!


Who you'll help

The Kasey Kahne Foundation is committed to raising awareness and funds for charities supporting chronically ill children and their families. The KKF strives to empower youth and inspire their future through education by donating to programs dedicated to fulfilling children’s needs for success.