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Go On a Boat Ride with Josh Duhamel

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Sheena A.

Woodbury, MN


What you'll do

You’re headed to Los Angeles to soak up the sun on a epic boat ride. And your trusty captain? The one… the only… Josh Duhamel! You and a friend will join Josh for an awesome day on the water. We’re talking Titanic, “I’m the King of the World” level vibes. Get ready for sparkling conversation, delicious food and some truly gorgeous views (Josh included). And when you’re watching the sunset next to your new BFF, just remember to snap a photo or 10. Flights and hotel included!

Who you'll help

Jumpstart is a national early education organization that envisions the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. Jumpstart trains college students and community volunteers to deliver a research-based and cost-effective education program to preschoolers in low-income neighborhoods. Through a proven curriculum, these children develop the language, literacy and social-emotional skills they need to be ready for kindergarten, setting them on a path for lifelong success. Your donation will help give kids the “jumpstart” they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.