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Get Flown Out to LA for an Intimate John Legend Performance

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Some say (us included) that John Legend’s voice sounds like Heaven. Well, welcome to the pearly gates, because you’re meeting John and seeing him perform at The Art of Elysium’s Heaven event. As this year’s Visionary, John will introduce the one-night-only artistic installation he personally curated. You and a friend will snap photos, grab a drink and join John at this elegant black-tie affair the night before the Golden Globes—and with that much talent in town, you’re sure to be among some extraordinary people. Who might they be? LA’s biggest influencers, artists and creators will gather with you to enjoy the impressive art, a menu executed by Michelin-starred chef Luigi Fineo, and even partake in a discussion around creating Heaven on earth—though we’re pretty sure this is it. No need for angel wings, flights and hotel are on us.

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The Art of Elysium empowers artists and communities in need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art. For volunteer artists, providing opportunities to utilize their talents in service reinvigorates their creative practice while providing a deep sense of fulfillment. For those in need, participation in the arts promotes empowerment, learning and emotional relief. The Art of Elysium supports and acknowledges its volunteer artists by creating a platform through EB Studios to showcase their creativity, affording a model of high sustainability and impact. Your donation will directly support The Art of Elysium in its mission to create the largest endowment for the Arts, enabling us to give the gift of creativity to communities of need across the country.