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Get Serenaded by Jason Mraz Backstage in Hong Kong


  • Be flown out to Hong Kong and put up in a 4-star hotel
  • Join Jason Mraz for an intimate backstage serenade of your favorite song (really—the song is up to you!)
  • Explore the beauty and local cuisine of Hong Kong with Jason, then sing and dance the night away from VIP seats at his show
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What you'll do

Have you always wished Jason Mraz would whisk you away to Hong Kong and serenade you with your favorite love song? Well, that’s a very specific daydream, but luckily we’ve got the remedy. Pack your bags and grab your fellow geek in the pink, because you’re actually heading to Hong Kong to meet up with Mr. A–Z himself! Seriously. You. Jason Mraz. Hong Kong. Take that in for a second. But before it’s time for the witty, yet oh so sweet, musical wordplay, you and Jason will explore the enchanting neighborhoods of Hong Kong and maybe grab a bite in this culinary capital. Then, Jason will bring you backstage as his personal guests and serenade you with your favorite song. (I’m Yours? Bella Luna? Lucky? I Won’t Give Up? So many good choices!) But the night doesn’t end there… Jason will even hook you up with VIP seats to his show! Hope you’re ready to sing and dance (and hopefully not steal things). Round-trip flights to Hong Kong and hotel are included.

Who you'll help

The Jason Mraz Foundation’s (JMF) mission is to support inclusive arts education and the advancement of equality. Since 2011, the foundation has donated more than $1 million to various charities working toward these goals. Your donation will help JMF launch their first programs this year.