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Fly to London and Get Serenaded by Jason Derulo

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Danielle E.

Southampton, England


September 28, 2018

What you'll do

Mmm whatcha say about being Jason Derulo’s It Girl/Guy? That’s right: Jason Derulooo! You’re heading to London to be Jason’s VIP for his show at Wembley Arena. Jason will fly you out, put you up in a 5-star hotel and lend you his glam squad to get you ready for your epic night together. And we mean epic, because Jason’s going to serenade you at soundcheck, then take you to the other side (of the stage) where you’ll get to watch his concert from the coolest spot in the house. And don’t worry about riding solo, you can bring a friend along for the ride! Flights and stay at the luxurious South Place Hotel included.

Who you'll help

The Just For You Foundation raises funds to promote education, provide shelter to orphans and families, feed the homeless, and promote health around the world. In honor of Jason Derulo’s Haitian roots, this year the Foundation aims to support the Haitian communities that have undergone economic, political and social difficulties, as well as numerous natural disasters. Your donation will support their Heart of Haiti campaign, which raises funds for existing programs led by J/P HRO and other local charities targeting early childhood education and community health, among others. Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation will be able to contribute to the promotion of safer, cleaner and more sustainable communities in Haiti.