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Get Lunch with Ian Somerhalder at The Vampire Diaries Convention

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Penelope R.

Chatsworth, GA


March 31, 2017

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Although The Vampire Diaries is officially ending and it might feel like you've had your heart ripped out, it’s not quite over for you and Damon. Because when you and a friend get flown out to Chicago for the star-studded convention for The Vampire Diaries, you’ll meet Ian Somerhalder, grab lunch with him, take a million photos and ask every last burning question you have about the Mystic Falls crew. What’s Ian up to now that the show’s over? Can he really knock back bourbon like Damon? Ask these and more, because the show might be ending but its legacy lives on and our love for the Salvatore Brothers will never die. Flights and hotel included.

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The Ian Somerhalder Foundation works to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. Our environment functions as an interdependent system. Plants, animals and humans depend upon one another for survival and each person plays a unique role in the future of all life on this planet. The problems we face require a cohesive approach that does not sacrifice one component over another. ISF delivers unique programs and services and provides public outreach, education, and grants in support of Creatures, Environment, Youth, and Grassroots initiatives.