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Meet the Game of Thrones Cast at the Final Season Premiere

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The extra long wait for season 8 is excruciating...and you’ll be there when it happens. You and your luckiest friend will attend the exclusive premiere, meet the Game of Thrones cast and be amongst the first to see how the story picks up for the final season. As First of Your Name (probably) and Winner of a Dream Experience, you’ll rub elbows with the Lannisters, reunite with the Starks and talk dragons with the Targaryen(s). Flights and hotel on us.

Who you'll help

NEXT for AUTISM is a nonprofit organization that transforms the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing, launching and supporting innovative programs. They believe that individuals with autism have the potential to live fulfilling, productive lives when supported by excellent services and connected to their communities. While many organizations engage in advocacy or fund scientific research, NEXT For AUTISM addresses the needs of people with autism and their families across the country right now. They create and support exceptional educational, clinical and vocational programs, all cutting-edge, all with an eye towards affecting fundamental shifts in current approaches to autism services. Autism now affects an estimated 1 in 68 American children. The need for support far exceeds the current services available. With your donation, NEXT for AUTISM can continue to address the needs of individuals and families living with autism right now.