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Sit VIP at Frozen & Go Backstage with the Cast

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Ellen P.

Conshohocken, PA


What you'll do

Yoohoo! Grab a sweater because we’re transporting you to Arendelle to see the musical that’s giving everyone chills: Frozen! For the first time in forever you’ll see your favorite characters hit the stage to share the story of sisterhood that continues to melt our hearts. And if you thought the music was stuck in your head after the movie, just wait—this Tony-nominated Broadway production has twice as many songs. And in this case, love is an open door to backstage… which is where you’ll meet some of the coolest cast in town and get signed merch to take home. Flights and hotel are on us.

Who you'll help

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS helps provide lifesaving medication, health care, nutritious meals, counseling and emergency financial assistance to those who need them most. Broadway Cares awards annual grants to more than 450 AIDS and family service organizations in all 50 states and is the single largest financial supporter of the social service programs of The Actors Fund. Your generosity will help this amazing cause continue to support everyone in the entertainment and performing arts community.