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Hit up Hollywood's Hot Spots with Emmanuelle Chriqui

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Amit S.

Bangalore, India


April 8, 2016

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What you'll do

Hey there, Em here, and I want you to become a part of MY entourage. That’s right, I’m talking you and a friend joining me in Hollywood for an amazing night out. I’m flying you out to join me for dinner and catch up at one of my most favorite and delicious LA spots. We’ll talk about life and get to know each other before we take on the town and meet up with my pal (and your future pal!) Adrian Grenier. We’ll have a blast taking pictures, making inside jokes and toasting the night away. Can’t wait to see you in Cali!

Who you'll help

Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign is working to end the deadliest war globally since World War II, which is fueled in part by our purchases of gold jewelry, cell phones, and laptops whose raw materials originate in part in the war-torn nation of the Congo.  The campaign provides activists with tools to educate themselves and their communities about the conflict in Congo, the role of minerals fueling the conflict, and the effects of sexual violence used as a weapon of war.