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Get Zen and Biohack Your Life with Dave Asprey


  • Meet up with Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof® founder and father of biohacking, for a priceless one-on-one session
  • Take part in a 5-day neurofeedback program to help maximize your mental performance and life
  • Get flown out to Seattle, put up in a hotel and enjoy fully catered Bulletproof meals
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What you'll do

Dave Asprey is all about helping people live their best lives—and now he wants to help you live yours! It’ll start out with your personal one-on-one session with Dave where you’ll get to know each other and discuss your goals and the areas of improvement you want to focus on. You’ll then participate in a special five-day program with neuroscientists that will give you personalized training unlike any other. You’ll leave the program a new and improved version of yourself—but that’s not where this ends. To continue your progress, Dave is hooking you up with all the post-training perks: everything from exclusive webcasts with your trainers to follow-up calls with Dave himself. Celebrities, CEOs and athletes around the world have used similar training—but you’re the only one doing it with Dave at your side. We’ve got your flights and hotel covered too.

Who you'll help

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer's. They educate the public about brain health and the lifestyle choices people can make now to delay, slow and possibly prevent cognitive decline. Your donation will help fund Alzheimer’s research at leading institutions across the country so that we can better understand this disease and get closer to a cure.