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Meet Jon at the Final Taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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Sameer P.

Santa Clara, CA


August 6, 2015

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What you'll do

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show to pursue his real passion, skeet shooting. Just kidding, except that he really is leaving, and he wants to meet you on his last day.  You and a friend will fly out to NYC, stay in a 4-star hotel, and sit VIP for the live taping of the last episode EVER of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart behind the desk. Don't make Jon do this without you.


Who you'll help

New York Collaborates for Autism (NYCA) is a non-profit organization that strategically designs and launches innovative, one-of-a-kind programs to improve the lives of people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Using an entrepreneurial approach, NYCA seeks to transform the current landscape of autism services and challenge the status quo by creating programs and opportunities that empower people with ASD to live fulfilling and joyful lives. NYCA collaborates with national thought leaders, partners with leading community-based organizations, provides tactical expertise and critical early-stage management, and raises vital seed money. NYCA sees the possibilities and creates the path.