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Win $100,000 to Put Toward Higher Education


  • Get a $100,000 check to put toward the cost of higher education—grad school, trade school, community classes or anything in-between!
  • Enjoy expanding your (or your child’s) mind without expanding your debt and the stress that comes with it
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What you'll do

Heading off to college is an exciting time. Unfortunately, that excitement can often be dragged down by one big thing: MONEY. But we’ve got your back… with a $100,000 check that’s all yours! Seriously. That gut-wrenching worry about how you’ll pay for tuition? Kiss it goodbye. You deserve an anxiety-free college experience (whatever higher education looks like for you) and this big, fat $100K check is here to save the day. Yup, you’re getting smarter for virtually free! This means no taking out loans, no spending time at a campus job when you should be studying, and, possibly best of all, not starting post-grad life with student debt. Feeling freer already?

Who you'll help

Scholarship America is the largest education support nonprofit in the nation. They’ve distributed over $4 billion to 2.4 million students and believe no student should give up their dreams of furthering their education because they didn’t think it was a possibility. A portion of your donation to win will help make it possible for students in need to go to college and change their lives for the better.