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Say Goodbye to Student Debt


  • Get a $100,000 check to put toward paying off your college loans (yes really!)
  • Say goodbye to student debt, live your best life and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of financial freedom
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What you'll do

Student loans are no joke, and neither is the overwhelming burden of student debt. The good news? You’re $100K closer to feeling the sweet sensation of financial freedom! Yup, seriously. You’ve scored a big, fat $100,000 check to relieve yourself of student debt—so shed the stress of paying off those college loans and let this check take that weight off your shoulders (it’s a very strong check). Consider yourself truly free to let life take you in whatever direction you choose… without debt holding you back. Can you imagine?! After all, you’ve already said goodbye to your ramen-only college diet, so why not wave farewell to your debt too?

Who you'll help

Scholarship America is the largest education support nonprofit in the nation. They’ve distributed over $4 billion to 2.4 million students and believe no student should give up their dreams of furthering their education because they didn’t think it was a possibility. A portion of your donation to win $100K to cover your college debt will in turn make it possible for students in need to go to college and change their lives for the better.