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Meet Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner 2049

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Philip G.

Murrieta, CA


November 3, 2016

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What you'll do

Replicants and human flesh-beings rejoice! The Blade Runner series is back and Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are inviting you and a guest to join them in experiencing a dystopian future in the present day. For the price of a movie ticket, you could fly to Budapest, take a tour of the set and watch a scene come to life. Afraid of spoilers? We can cover your ears for the latter. You’ll also get to sit down for a private lunch with Ryan himself, so make sure you come Hungary. (Sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.) Some moments are lost in time like tears in the rain; our cameras will make sure this isn’t one of them. Pictures, flights and hotel are all included.


Who you'll help

Enough Project

The Sentry, an initiative of the Enough Project and Not On Our Watch, conducts financial forensic investigations into the networks responsible for genocide, mass rape, and child soldier recruitment in Africa. We seek to expose who benefits from this death and destruction. Sentry investigations build leverage for peace and human rights by going after the wallets of those responsible for mass atrocities.

Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels' mission is to provide personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. Through their unique matching process, Imerman Angels partners anyone seeking cancer support with a “Mentor Angel:" a cancer survivor or caregiver who is the same age, same gender, and most importantly who has faced the same type of cancer.

The Hummingbirds Foundation

The Hummingbirds Foundation is a giving circle which combines sisterhood, adventure, experiencing local culture, and good citizenship. Their goal is to make a human connection with women and children in need so that they know there are people who believe in them and acknowledge the dignity of their humanity. By partnering with established and well trusted community based organizations, they leave their track by benefiting a community and seeing a project through from inception to completion.