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Surf with Bethany Hamilton in Kauai

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Amy H.

San Antonio, TX


What you'll do

Aloha! Ready to shred? You’re headed to the beautiful island of Kauai to ride some picture perfect waves with one of the most well-known soul surfers of our time—Bethany Hamilton. Grab a friend and head to the water to surf, swim and soak up the sun with this insanely fearless athlete. And while she may be unstoppable on the water, nothing will come between Bethany and a deliciously refreshing smoothie. For real! After you hang 10, you’ll take five and fuel up at Bethany’s favorite smoothie spot. You’ll also get plenty of photos, so you can show everyone back home how awesome you are. Flights and hotel are included, so just lei back and relax. (We had to.)

Who you'll help

Friends of Bethany is a nonprofit organization that provides support and encouragement for those who have experienced limb loss or faced other difficult situations. As an organization, they provide hope to overcome through inspirational retreats, empowering conferences, motivational youth events and so much more! By offering hope and healing to those who've felt lost or broken, Friends of Bethany works toward their vision of restoring a broken world through faith, purpose and helping others see their ability to overcome any obstacles in their way.