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Grab a Bite with Bear Grylls and Survive the Wild

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What you'll do

Bear Grylls might look like a man, but let’s be honest: He’s really a force of nature. And now, you’ll learn everything he knows. You and a friend are getting flown out to complete an official Bear Grylls Survival Course. From knife skills, to first aid, to rope rescue, you’ll get every trick in the book. And after you work up an appetite, you’ll get a bite to eat with Bear around a campfire and impress him with your new survival knowledge. Get ready to be schooled in the best way possible, and enjoy the rest of your life as the most resourceful, resilient and well-equipped person you know. Besides Bear, maybe. Flights and accommodations included.

Who you'll help

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is the principal charity of the British Naval Service, which is comprised of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Naval Reserve and Royal Marines Reserve. It exists to support sailors, marines, and their families, for life. The charity looks after all of the British sailors and marines deployed on operations and puts a smile on the faces of their loved ones left at home as well as those who hung up their uniforms long ago.

Over the last 10 years, it has distributed in excess of $60 million to organizations and projects that support Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel, veterans and their families. Your donations will help them achieve a world in which the British sailors and marines and their families are valued and supported, for life.