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Attend the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere in Los Angeles

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While most of the plot of Avengers: Infinity War is tight under wraps, we know two things. One: It’s the culmination of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been leading up to since the release of the first Iron Man, which means it’s going to be BIG. And two: You’re going to be there for the premiere! Grab your shield, or hammer, or bow, or sentient tree-like creature (I am Groot) and pack your bags, because you and a friend are headed to Los Angeles for the exclusive Avengers: Infinity War premiere, all thanks to Marvel Entertainment. That’s right, you’re going to watch the movie the world’s been waiting for, before anyone else in the world. No spoilers, please! Flights and hotel included.

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GLSEN works to create safe and inclusive schools for everyone. They envision a world in which every child learns to respect and accept all people—regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Each year, GLSEN programs and resources reach millions of students and educators in K–12 schools across the United States, but their movement to ensure equality and respect for all can be felt internationally and at all levels of education. And thanks to you, GLSEN can continue to work to make schools a positive and affirming environment for every student.