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Ride with Anson Mount to the Premiere of the Final Season of Hell on Wheels

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Buck W.

Nokesville, VA


June 4, 2016

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It’s the end of the line… literally. The final season of Hell on Wheels is fast approaching, but before they drive home that golden spike, Anson Mount wants you and a friend to join him for a special premiere event at the California State Railroad Museum. After a private tour, you’ll hop in an old-fashioned stagecoach with Anson and his top dog, Mac to roll up to the red carpet in style. You’ll meet the cast, take photos, and even tip back some drinks with Anson at the after-party. Oh, and one last thing: Mac says you can give him a belly rub. Flights and hotel included.

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In January of 2009, Terry Marlin's only two sons were diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) at the ages of 5 and 2. DMD is a horrible and 100% fatal disease with no current cure. It affects 1 in 3,500 boys born each year, and it has no ethnic or geographical boundaries. FightDMD is raising money to initiate the research so one day a cure can be found for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and children who are affected will be able to live a long and healthy life.