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Have a Secret Listening Party with Sabrina Carpenter

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Christina B.

Cheektowaga, NY


What you'll do

You ready for this one-of-a-kind Sabrina Carpenter experience? Great, because she’s got something really special planned for you and the lucky friend you’re bringing along. You two will get flown out to one of Sabrina’s shows, where you’ll dance and sing and have the time of your life, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll head backstage to hang with Sabrina, kick back and get to know each other while snacking on her favorite candy and desserts. How sweet is that? But wait, there’s more. Sabrina will also treat you to TWO secret, unreleased songs that basically no one’s heard yet. So yeah, you’ll get some ear candy, too. It’ll be a night to remember, and we have a feeling you’ll be riding this sugar high for a long, long time. Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds state-of-the-art broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios, within pediatric hospitals for patients to explore the creative realms of radio, television and new media. Patients are given full access to the studio where they can create and host their own shows, make music videos, play their favorite games and more. They also work with their artist, celebrity and athlete friends to create unique in-studio experiences, where patients get to meet and interview their favorite stars. If a patient is unable to come down to the studio, they can watch and interact with everything that's happening through their in-room TV. Your donation helps the Ryan Seacrest Foundation continue to build Seacrest Studios, support and update the 10 studios they currently have across the country, and contribute positively to the healing process of young patients and their families.