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Meet Matt Damon at the Downsizing Premiere

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Janelle V.

Rochester, NY


December 19, 2017

What you'll do

Matt Damon’s new movie Downsizing might be about making people small, but trust us, it’s bound to be big. How’s he going to celebrate the release? With you. On the red carpet. At the premiere. That’s right, your larger-than-life night will start on the red carpet where you’ll meet Matt, talk anything and everything, and take some selfies to remember it all by. Then you’ll join the stars in the theater to watch the movie before all your friends (except the one you bring along). Does this mean you’ll see big screen-Matt Damon shrink to mini-Matt Damon while sitting just rows over from real Matt Damon? You bet it does. Flights and hotel are on us.

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