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Be Gene Simmons' VIP on Tour with KISS

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Christina H.

Long Island, NY


What you'll do

Normally a chance to meet a band on tour would mean attending a show, taking some photos with the group, maybe getting an autograph... but this is KISS. And KISS doesn’t do normal. That’s why they’re doubling everything. You and your guest are getting VIP seats at two shows in two different countries—their Glasgow stop in Scotland and their Manchester stop in England—which means you’ll also get double the flights and twice as many 4-star hotels. Actually, scratch that. You’re staying in a castle when you’re in Glasgow. You’re also taking home an autographed KISS guitar so you can remember your whirlwind rock star experience and prove to your friends that it really happened. Flights and accommodations included.

Who you'll help

Mending Kids provides free life-saving surgical care to sick children. For over 10 years, their volunteer medical teams have mended thousands of children and have given them a chance at longer, healthier and happier lives. Most of the surgeries performed correct birth defects including heart defects, club feet and other orthopedic problems, severe scoliosis and significant facial deformities. Mending Kids’ work is accomplished in 63 countries, including the United States, through their core programs: Overseas Surgical Missions, including the Sustainable Teaching; US Hometown Missions; Individual Surgical Care; and Training, Research and Innovation.