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Meet Gal Gadot on the Red Carpet at the Wonder Woman Premiere

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Winsum T.

Hong Kong


May 25, 2017

What you'll do

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, has something incredible up her sleeve (er… gauntlet?), and you’ll be there to experience it all. You and a friend are going to Los Angeles to hit up the world premiere of Wonder Woman, plus the exclusive after-party! You’ll pose for photos with Gal on the red carpet, get lost in a whirlwind of flashing lights and cheering fans, and then find yourself in a packed theater to enjoy Wonder Woman before anyone else—all alongside the cast and crew that made it happen. After the final credits, you’re hitting up the VIP after-party to celebrate the movie and its star, your new BFF, Gal. This’ll be a badass night to remember, and that’s no lie. Flights and hotel included.

Who you'll help

Working directly inside K-12 schools full-time, CIS builds trusting relationships with at-risk youth, empowering them to stay on track to graduation. Their school-based staff work in partnership with teachers to identify and address challenges students face in school or at home. These may range from immediate needs like food and clothing, to more complex needs like counseling and mentoring. They coordinate with the community—businesses, health care providers and nonprofits—to bring outside resources inside schools and do whatever it takes to help students succeed. During the 2015-2016 school year, Communities In Schools served nearly 1.5 million students and successfully helped 99% of their case-managed students stay in school.