New: Exclusive Promos for the Dreamers Club

April 5, 2022 | The Omaze Team

A graphic that says, "JOIN THE DREAMERS CLUB. Score a promo code every 5 times you enter!"


Introducing some of our biggest promo codes ever for the most loyal Omazers! It’s called the Dreamers Club, and every time you enter, you get closer to unlocking a new level of bonus entries.

How It Works

Once you enter for the chance to win something on Omaze 5 times, you’ll receive an exclusive promo code for 500 bonus entries. Enter 10 times and unlock 1,000 bonus entries, enter 15 times and get 1,500 bonus entries, and so on, up to 30 times.

You can enter the same experience multiple times, or different experiences each time, it’s up to you! They’ll all count towards getting you closer to unlocking the next level of bonus entries.

To redeem your promo code, enter the code in the “Discount code” section when checking out. Make sure to hit “Apply” before processing your order. The promo code can only be used one time & can not be combined with other promo codes in a single order. The promo code is valid for any method of entry into any experience on Learn more about the maximum number of entries allowed per person per experience here.

A punch card infographic explaining the number of bonus entries you receive at different order levels.

A graphic that shows an example of a tracker for entries in the Dreamers Club.